Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spiders too

 Seeing ants in my bedroom made my skin crawl.
“Ryan!” I yelled. He grabbed some of the flowers and more ants ran out. I moved the bougainvillea, it stabbed my finger.
“Ouch!” I dripped blood on the white pillow case as a thick black column of ants marched by. They were scrambling all over the bed, crawling up the walls and down to the floor, from the bedroom to the bathroom. And then I noticed the spiders, huge hairy brown ones, big as a quarter, the whole place was crawling.
“What have you done?” I cried.
Ryan just stood there looking totally defeated. I was devastated. How was I going to clean up this mess?
“I’m sorry,” he said in a little boy voice.
 You've got to help me get rid of these bugs,” I said hunting for the bug spray under my kitchen sink. But when I went in there, the ant party was going full throttle in the kitchen too.

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