Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Should have listened to Osgood

I brought Bobby over to meet Berry and Tony Perkins and their two sons, Osgood and Elvis. I was excited to introduce my new live-in boyfriend (the first guy I lived with, even if it wasn't official) and couldn't wait to hear what they thought of him. Bobby had a sweet, caring side that made him really attractive to me and I was certain Tony and Berry would like that about him too. 
I was taken with Bobby’s dangerous side, his rebellious nature, which I found even more attractive then the amiable aspects of his personality. The Bobby I met at the bar didn’t seem to give a shit about what anyone thought of him or his actions. He did exactly as he pleased. He lived life on his own terms no matter what, without regret. Being with him made me feel like one of the cool people I had always aspired to be. I hoped some of his "bad ass" attitude would rub off on me.
Tony and Berry liked Bobby right away but their eight year old son had a different take on my new boyfriend.
“You’re like a secretary and he’s this totally cool musician, I don’t get it,” Osgood told me. Ah, the clarity and wisdom of children.  

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