Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What to wear on the big date

I had a bit of a hangover the next morning but nothing serious. When I finally rolled out of bed, I took aspirin and leashed up Blondie for an extra long walk hoping that would clear away the cobwebs. On top of feeling queasy from drinking, I was also a nervous wreck about my date with James that night. Would he like me? Would I be good enough for the future doctor?
Blondie and I purposely strolled in the direction of Bobby's apartment. I didn't plan on seeing him but I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed him standing outside smoking a cigarette.
“Hi Bobby. Can I bum a smoke?” 
He gave me his already lit cigarette and bent down to greet Blondie.
“This your dog? Looks like a wolf,” he stroked her and smiled. Still in his bathrobe, he didn’t mention anything about the fact that I just showed up, seemingly out of the blue. “Want to come in?” He pulled out his camel lights and took out another cigarette for himself.
“No thanks. Maybe another time,” I said, backing up. He just stood there, shaking his head in agreement.
I drew deeply on my cigarette as Blondie and I walked home, contemplating what to wear on my big date. Obsessing, actually. I pulled every article of clothing out of my closet. I had all these clothes and nothing to wear. Too fancy. Too sloppy. Too ugly. Too fat. Looks like you’re trying too hard. I finally settled on my favorite pair of jeans, my sexy black v-neck top and strappy sandals. I took my time curling my hair and putting on make up. But I was so uptight, no matter what, my make up wasn’t right, my hair looked too curly, too flat, too frizzy. I was just going to have to accept the fact that I didn't feel good enough to date a future doctor. Maybe my nerves would subside once James arrived.

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