Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cute, broke, actor

 “So, you’re an actor, huh?” I asked the young Ryan as I sat next to him on my second hand couch. He made me feel completely comfortable, possibly because I wasn't putting pressure on myself or him. He was so young that I knew he wasn't "Mr. Right." He was simply "Mr. Right Now."
I took my shoes off and ran my feet over Blondie’s silky coat. She looked up at me then put her head back down on the floor. I gazed at Ryan. His mouth was moving but I didn't hear a word he was saying. I was off in my own dreamland just watching, those full lips, that grin, I wanted to kiss him and feel that velvety mouth against mine. Blondie’s feet started moving as if she was running after Elliott at the park, waking me up from my day-dream. She whimpered out loud like dogs do sometimes in their sleep.
“It’s okay girlie,” I whispered and she relaxed back into her happy dream state. I turned my attention to Ryan.
"Are you an actor of the silver screen or a star of the TV screen?”
“Well, neither yet, I've only started auditioning. I just got a manager when I arrived here a few weeks ago.” He was beaming the entire time he spoke. It was infectious. I started smiling too, even though we weren't talking about anything that was particularly amusing.
“Well, that’s good, to already have a manger, isn't it? It can be difficult to even get representation in this town.”
“I’ll let you in on a little secret,” he whispered. “I made him up.”
“You what?”
“His name is Lawrence Feinstein and I made him up. I call about auditions and get myself the appointments due to the tenacity of a totally made up person.”
“Oh my God! You should get an Academy Award just for that!” I didn't think about asking how he found out about auditions or where he got these numbers to call and get the information about auditions. The fact that he just told me he’s a liar didn't even phase me. I was already starting down the road of denial with Ryan. “Let me hear his voice.”
He didn't even hesitate:“Hello, I’m calling about Ryan. He is new in town and is perfect for the role of Sam in your movie. Can I send him to your casting call today?” His voice sounded deeper, older and he imitated a perfect New York accent. At least he wasn't sitting around complaining, I thought.
“How do you pay your bills?” I asked, curious to learn what he did for money. LA is an expensive city.
“My Dad is helping me. He’s an attorney in DC.” Of course he was, I thought. Isn't everyone that lives there an attorney? It figures. He’s cute. He’s an actor. He’s broke.

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  1. So, when someone says, "Men are dogs," that's actually an insult to dogs, right? ;)

    Hope you're well, Sue. Give my best to Kim and Darcy!