Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Heaven on earth...for dogs

This eucalyptus-scented hilly, upscale neighborhood where the park is located has been the topic of movies, books and songs. One of the most famous Laurel Canyon residents is Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors. He quickly became the most iconic, controversial, critically acclaimed and influential people in the canyon, living right behind the Canyon Country Store. 
Featuring four acres of heavenly space for dogs to romp and play, the park became one of the first dog friendly locations in Los Angeles quite by accident, thanks to the efforts of Jane Purse. Years before I found the park, Jane gathered a group of volunteers to plant shade trees there. She and the volunteers brought their dogs while they worked and soon, other dog lovers found out and brought their pets. That’s how the Laurel Canyon Dog Park got its start in the world of canine fun. All thanks to the efforts of one woman and her dog.
By the time I discovered the park, it was completely dog friendly. Although officially, the park's off leash hours were early morning and afternoon, I quickly learned that dogs and their owners came at any time to bask in the sunshine. Large metal trash cans and pooper scoopers were located throughout and areas were set up with hoses and buckets for fresh drinking water. There were no busy streets, just the winding road that lead to the park and that had a fence between the dogs and the cars. Park tables and benches beckoned dog owners to congregate while their four legged family members played with each other. I felt like I was home.

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