Friday, June 29, 2012

Berry, the heavenly light

Berry Perkins was about my height, 5’7”, with ash blonde hair like mine and clear, light blue eyes that sparkled with wonder. With her own fashion sense, no matter what she wore, she looked like she stepped off the pages of a magazine in her own unique quirky way, not a designer sort of way. Everyone who knew Berry tried to emulate her style but no one could copy her. From her hair styles to her clothes, it was all “very-Berry.” She didn’t need to wear make-up because she was a natural beauty. With the perfect profile, high cheek bones and a nose turned up ever so slightly, Berry's face was angelic. She dripped in jewelry, around her neck and covering her wrists. It was not all gold and silver pieces either although it could have been. Some of it was precious, some was semi-precious and some was simple bead work that she just liked. She wore it all at once and it made sense on her.
She loved life and was especially fond of children and dogs. Berry never a questioned “if” I was going to bring Blondie with me when I came to her house. Blondie and I just showed up together and were always welcome. Blondie was also invited to all Berry’s parties, even the star studded ones. Being myself with Berry was just easy. 
As our friendship blossomed, I realized that something about her reminded me of my favorite Goddess Diana from Roman Mythology. Berry was just as mythical, powerful and complex. Goddess Dianna is also found in Greek mythology as Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon, the heavenly light that illuminates the darkness, ruling the wilderness, the untamed frontiers of nature. That was Berry in a nutshell.

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