Friday, February 15, 2013

Goddess Diana

It was as if Goddess Diana, the one from Roman Mythology (who my best friend Berry Perkins reminded me of), shot a magic arrow down from the heavens at me that day as I drove to the dog park in Laurel Canyon. Diana, the goddess of single women, protector of all that is wild and free, the maiden huntress, she and her greyhounds would help me finally attract an appropriate man.
The greyhound is a creature of rare beauty with slender legs for speed and agility, and well-developed muscles for endurance, such a powerful yet elegant creature, sleek and gentle. In fact, Greyhounds are the fastest running of all dogs, with their long legs and lanky frames. Only the cheetah tops the Greyhound for speed in the animal world. I needed the speed, strength and endurance of these regal canines to help me in my quest to end my single status.

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