Thursday, February 14, 2013


Later that night I thought about Gary, his messy apartment and his choice to rob people. I didn't know what I would have done losing my parents at the tender age of 13. But, he kept stealing well into his 20s until he finally got caught. What drove him to live like that, I wondered?  
I realized that it wasn't for the money. It wasn’t about the jewels at all. It was about the rush, about beating the system. Gary was just a guy who needed to live life on the edge. I wanted to be with someone who was exciting, that was true, but I realized integrity was an important quality I needed in a man.There was no question; I had made the right decision in leaving his apartment.
I still wanted to find someone to spend my life with, though. So, the very next day, I headed back to the Laurel Canon Dog Park. I knew there were lots of single men at the park. Dog loving men. I needed to meet as many as possible. I figured being single was a numbers game. The more I met, the better my chances of making that special connection.

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