Monday, February 18, 2013

Where is HE?

I drove down that windy road with a new found determination in my heart. As I parked my car, I was overcome by a feeling of knowing HE was there, our paths would cross that very day. Just as I was putting Blondie’s leash on, a car pulled up beside me and a handsome man stepped out. Was this him? I smiled as he came around to the passenger side to get his dog out.
“Is that a doggie seat belt?” I asked the preppy looking 30 something.
“Yea, my wife found it and since Spot is our child, we have to keep him safe.” 
Well, I guess he’s not the one, he’s already married. I should have noticed the ring. Too bad because he was tall and lanky, just my type, wearing Levis  tennis shoes and a green and white striped Ralph Lauren polo shirt with the collar pulled up around his neck that matched his striking emerald eyes. He unbuckled his energetic lab from its seat belt and put its leash on. Immediately, the dog jumped out of the car and started pulling him towards the park entrance.
 “I didn't know they made doggie seat belts,” I said. “I’ll have to look into that. Thanks for the tip.” 
I walked on deciding the best course of action would be to make a circle around the perimeter of the park for a complete view of who was there. I immediately came upon three young starlettes with small toy dogs; a fluffy Pekingese, a Maltese with its hair up in a pink bow and a Chihuahua-mix wearing a pink sweater. The girls were wearing ripped tee shirts with their Valley Girl pink headbands and matching leg warmers. They were getting lots of attending from the boys at the park. But, I didn't let that defeat my purpose!

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