Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Burning memories of Zsa Zsa Gabor

Founded in 1967 by prominent author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory, The Fund for Animals is the force behind some of the most significant events in the history of the animal protection movement. In 2005, The Fund for Animals and The Humane Society of the United States joined together to form an unprecedented partnership for animals. Back in the 80s, before this partnership was made, legendary actress turned activist Gretchen Wyler joined the group and became the celebrity "face" for this important charity. Gretchen was unlike anyone I had ever met before, sleek in build, bursting with vitality and passionate when it came to saving animals. She was the kind of woman who could (and did) convince anyone to join her cause.
“One of the most glorious moments I remember is the time I got Zsa Zsa Gabor to destroy her furs,” Gretchen, the crusading beauty told me. “She joined me in a protest where we ignited a bon-fire with the coats made of beautiful minks, sables and raccoon furs.”
When I was young, I worshiped Zsa Zsa Gabor and her sister Eva, never missing an episode of the TV show Green Acres. I thought the Gabor sisters were so beautiful, glamorous and alluring that I wanted to name my first girl baby after Eva. I never did have a baby girl, or boy for that matter, unless you count my four legged children (which I do). However, I always had a soft spot for the Gabor sisters and when I learned about Zsa Zsa burning her furs, this solidified my opinion of the enchanting actress.
Gretchen went on in graphic detail about her cause, telling me about the horrors of how these animals lose their lives for human vanity. I knew enough about animal cruelty to know that I never would own a fur coat myself but when she showed me the undercover video of how these poor animals were treated and killed, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

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