Monday, July 30, 2012

Celebrity wrangling

That was my life. One night at an event at Wolfgang Puck's original Spago Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, I brought the Bangles and Join Mitchell together with Robbie Robertson for media interviews while watching David Lee Roth climb the Tower Records building across the street. Fans were lined up stopping traffic along Sunset Strip watching the former lead singer of Van Halen as he ascended the building for a media stunt. Both Spago and Tower Records are no longer on Sunset. 
At a movie premier the following week, I wrangled Jack Nicholson while stopping Sally Field for an interview as she walked down the red carpet. I attended exclusive movie premieres, hung out with the rich and famous, and saw every night’s performance of the American Ballet Theater at the Shrine Auditorium that year. Something awoke inside of me, I found my courage.
My professional life was coming together finally. I worked in a profession that I enjoyed at a firm where I felt appreciated. My career was showing real promise. On the home front, my pound dog Blondie was gaining more confidence too. We were both ascending in our own personal journey toward self acceptance. Of course, having a best friend like Berry Berenson was a huge help. She accepted both me and my dog, just as we were. 
While Berry nurtured me, I took care of my Blondie. This felt good. This felt right. I decided that I was no longer going to cultivate relationships with men where I did all the nurturing. The problem with me and men was that I gave, gave and gave, never expecting anything in return (but secretly hoping for a mutual exchange). Finally, I would feel resentful toward my boyfriendsimultaneously having a hard time admitting the relationship was over. I would try the same behavior again and again, expecting different results. That's the definition of insanity and when it came to the opposite sex, I felt totally insane!

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