Thursday, July 19, 2012

Go Gretchen Wyler!

I was absolutely, positively impressed with Gretchen Wyler and honored to work with such a powerhouse for animal rights. Her passion and beauty put her in a league of her own. This was the 1980s, a time when her passion to protect all species we shared the planet with was suspect by other humans. But nothing daunted her.
She worked to pass laws in Congress and labored tirelessly on getting ballot initiatives passed in California to protect and advance the rights of animals. Gretchen was described by many in government as the best type of advocate for any cause because she was articulate, energetic and well-informed. Everyone knew where Gretchen stood on an issue because she made her opinions loud and clear. She was also known for rolling up her sleeves and navigating the political process to achieve her goals, not just talking about it but doing something about it. 

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