Monday, July 16, 2012

Lucky me!

The puppy Allie was hilarious and got into everything. One day, she stuck her head inside a trash can and came out with the wrapper of a coke 12- pack around her snout. She ran around the office, freaking out, blinded, bumping into walls and shaking her head feverishly. I finally caught her and tore the wrapper off. She calmed down immediately; nothing seemed to faze her for long.
Although Princess was only five at the time, she was poised and graceful, well trained and very sweet. She would stretch out beneath her master’s desk everyday, sighing as she slowly situated herself into a comfortable position to sleep most of the day. 
I was so taken by the two of them that years later, I actually adopted a Smooth Coated Collie of my own. Back then, having the two beauties in the office made me feel right at home. The bonus was being responsible for the promotion of an animal charity. What luck!

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