Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Los Angeles Times

Chef Dave seemed nonplussed when it came to my dating escapades. I realized that my current plan to get noticed by this man was a big failure. Plus, he was stepping up his role at the restaurant, personally attending the weekly pr meetings, pushing me to get him even more media placements. I couldn’t even look at Dave even though I was seated next to him across from both our bosses. I felt nauseous, my concentration was gone. I bowed my head as Dave regaled us with his own exciting pr coups.
“My fiancĂ©e Kelly has a friend who knows the restaurant reviewer at the LA Times,” he informed everyone. His words had that air of self confidence that originally sounded so attractive to me. As I watched him speak, he actually puffed himself up physically like a dog would to show superiority and dominance over another animal. The Restaurant's owner and my client John gave me a look of irritation because I hadn’t been able to secure a review in the city’s most important newspaper.
“Why don’t you have Kelly call Susan and see if she can get us that review,” John said to Chef Dave staring straight at me. My recent romantic past was now affecting my future professional life as well as ruining my current personal existence. I put my forehead in my hand and rubbed my temples. I needed to stop playing this game and move on. I decided I had to do something drastic to get away from The Chef once and for all.

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