Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter

The ad in the Hollywood Reporter was for the position of Junior Account Executive at a “small but mighty” firm. Stein & Weismann Public Relations was a reputable pr firm that specialized in the entertainment industry. They may have been small, just Stein, Weismann and an assistant, but were already a big success, having landed such prestigious accounts as the American Ballet Theater, and movies such as Kiss of the Spider Woman and Trip to Bountiful.
I was hired to help in the company’s newest "general" division that focused on anything that paid. With a variety of unusual clients already on board, my main account would be The Fund for Animals. Promoting a pet charity was a perfect fit. The starting salary was $22,000 a year, which was more than I was making before.
The office of Stein & Weismann was on the ground floor of Harvey’s home in Laurel Canyon, a woodsy area adjacent to the Hollywood Hills. Harvey Stein was an impeccable dresser in his late 30s sporting trendy Oliver Peoples wire rimmed glasses. Physically fit but shorter than my 5’7”, he had a thick, full head of prematurely grey hair. He was extremely animated, swinging his hands wildly around as he talked. Blaine Weismann, his perfect counterpoint, was average height and build with a confident demeanor. Sporting a more relaxed style, Blaine wore his dark hair pulled back in a ponytail with designer jeans, tee and sports coat, always a sports coat. I nick-named him "the ears of Hollywood" because he knew what was going on in town, hanging out with the major players. He had a much more subdued yet light hearted approach to business with an infectious laugh.I liked them both and was happy to work for there.

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