Monday, August 6, 2012

Living the high life

By the third week of unemployment, I will still in a state of shock, unable to look for employment opportunities; paralyzed with fear and anxiety about my future. My new positive outlook on life was smashed. The only thing I could think of to be thankful for was my pound mutt Blondie. At least she was still showing signs of her newly acquired self confidence. I needed her now more then ever to keep me somewhat grounded.
Then one day out of the blue my old boss Harvey called me with information on a potential client.
“She doesn’t have much in the way of budget but she does have a great story to tell,” he explained. “I’ve been one of her clients for years now. In fact, she’s the most sought after facialist in Hollywood. She’s expecting your call”
He gave me the private phone number for Bren, a celebrity facialist whose client list read like the who’s who from super model Iman to musician and songwriter Slash, lead guitarist of the hard rock band Guns N' Roses. 
Harvey raves about you,” Bren said. “We've know each other since for years,” she explained. “I take care of lots of important people like Harvey. In fact, most of the super-models are my clients. Besides being an Esthetician, I just developed a new technique that totally gets ride of cellulite,” she talked non-stop about her business but finally let me get a word in. I had to seal the deal quickly before she started speaking again.
“That sounds really interesting. I’m sure I could help you and since you would be my first client, I won’t charge you much.”
“I was hoping you would consider doing a trade,” Bren explained. “I can promise you will have the most beautiful skin and no cellulite. As soon as this new treatment takes off, then I can pay your normal fee. Meantime, I have several friends who I will recommend you to.”
I agreed to represent Bren on a trade figuring that I still had unemployment benefits to cover my living expenses. She gave me the names and numbers of several other potential clients. Thanks to Bren's contacts, I took on a Pilate’s instructor who traded private lessons for her pr campaign; another company that delivered fresh meals daily, a massage therapist, even a cosmetic dentist who later became famous on the television show Extreme Makeover became a client. All for trade. I was totally broke but living the high life!

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