Friday, August 10, 2012

The Jacarandas

The funk I was feeling since losing my job was finally lifting, thanks to my dog Blondie who knew exactly what I needed to do to feel better: take her on a long walk. The fresh air began to work its magic as I took deep breaths to relax on that morning in May. The Jacarandas were blooming on Maple Drive where I lived. Jacarandas are my favorite tree, especially at that time of year when their branches spread gracefully with lavender colored flowers. They had obviously been blooming for days because their trunks were surrounded by a lilac mantle of fallen blossoms. I hadn’t noticed them before, too distracted and panicked about my current situation. No job, no husband, no kids.
But that day I felt grateful anyway. I did have a good dog. I could tell she felt better too, her held high again, her tail curling in self confidence. And as I looked down my street, I could appreciate the dual pageantry of the jacarandas lining both sides creating a passageway of purple. 
Blondie read my mind that morning and instead of pulling me down the street at her usual quick pace, she slowed her step, stopping next to me, leaning her body into mine as we gazed at Mother Nature’s stunning display. I was overtaken by a feeling of grace replacing the self doubt and anchoring me in a positive frame of mind. My golden mutt was by my side and my favorite trees were in bloom; that was enough. 

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