Monday, August 27, 2012

The charity art auction

The Valet at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel welcomed me as I stepped out of my car. The cool night air at the beachfront hotel felt refreshing but I worried that my hair would frizz out from the slight midst. Oh well, nothing I could do about that now.
“Will you be staying with us, Miss?”
“No, I’m working a charity art auction,” I answered. With a nod, he pointed me in the direction of the ballroom where the event was taking place. 
There were about 20 volunteers already there ready to work the event. I was stationed at the welcome table in charge of handing out bidding paddles. That meant I would have the opportunity to meet just about everyone attending the sold out charity auction. I was hoping I might meet Mr. Right, but at the very least, was happy to help this important charity raise much needed funds for their work helping homeless families in Hollywood get back on their feet. 
Before I sat down to man my station, I took a look at the art being auctioned off. There were Picasso's  Cezanne's and other works from famous artists lining the back wall of the ballroom. The center of attention was a simple podium where all the activity would be taking place. 
This was my first ever auction and I was excited to see how it worked. I was immediately drawn to a Chagall, one of my favorite modernists.There was no way I could afford any of the paintings but it was thrilling to see the work up close.
The sold out crowd had started entering the ballroom as I took my seat in front of the bidding paddles. That’s when I met James, a perfect gentleman, charming, smart and good looking too. Just slightly taller than me, he was more preppy than I usually was attracted to but what the heck, I was trying to do things differently this time. No more chefs, no more bad boys. 
James had short brown hair that was neatly groomed. I wanted in the worst way to mess it up but I resisted. He was wearing a green polo shirt with nicely pressed jeans and loafers, a matching sweater tied around his neck. Our eyes met as James picked up his bidding paddle and I noticed his long, long eyelashes framing his deep amber eyes that were the same color as my pound mutt Blondie. That was a good sign, I thought but I wouldn't tell him that his eyes reminded me of my dog. I'd save that information for our first date!