Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some rewards are turkey

When I got back to my apartment after a long walk to improve my stinky mood, I realized what I had to do. I had to change my work situation and start to make money. Immediately, I got on the phone and began the process of letting go of all my clients I was trading services with and focused my attention on generating a paying position. I called everyone I knew letting them know I was looking for work. I sent out resumes. I answered ads. This was before computers and email so I had to actually type letters, print resumes and send them though snail mail. I was lucky because by the end of the following week, I was hired by a personal contact of mine to work at another pr firm as a freelancer.
I remember the day I got my first check for $2500. It was in one of those envelopes with the window on the front that checks arrive in. Taking the envelope carefully in my hand, I actually kissed it before opening it. I showed it to Blondie, smiling at her as I hadn’t in a long time. She looked up at me with intense concentration not sure if this meant she should stop worrying about her owner. The recent months had been hard on both of us since I had been laid off from my first public relations job. When her eyes met mine, her tail began wagging in relief as she cocked her head to the right then the left. 
“We’re rich,” I exclaimed while ripping open the envelope as I strutted around the apartment. Blondie joined me and we danced out to my car to head for the bank. In relief, she stuck her head out the window basking in the sun with wind against her face.
I bought her lots of turkey to celebrate. It had been a long time since she had sunk her teeth into the tasty meat due to my financial situation. But life was turning around for us now. 
“Slow down, girl,” I cautioned but she had already inhaled almost an entire package of butterball in one bite.  I knew I would have to make it up to her with turkey from then on!

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