Friday, August 24, 2012

Where's my happily ever after?

Disney movies aside, my life was not turning out like a fairy tale in any way, shape or form, although I was once again enjoying my career in public relations.  With my new paying clients, I was able to set up my office from home, which made Blondie very happy. Since I lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, situating my home office was challenging. I set up my files and typewriter (this was before computers) at my kitchen table but there wasn't enough room for my new fax machine. So I had to put that in my bedroom.
I remember one afternoon shortly after my business started to really take off, I was sitting in bed making media calls when Blondie suddenly jumped up next to me and started licking my face. This was not a simple one lick kiss. This was an all out love bathing. I understood what she was trying to convey to me. She was encouraging me, acting as my own personal cheerleader, cheering me on to victory, keeping me positive and focused.
One morning, as I was getting ready for a busy day ahead, Blondie actually followed me into the kitchen office and lay down next to me on the linoleum floor. I was completely stunned, knowing what a feat of courage this was for the little dog that wouldn’t step foot in my kitchen or bathroom just the day before. I jumped up to get her some turkey,a reward for her courage. My turkey reward program was miraculously working! That same morning she followed me into the bathroom and didn't flinch when I dropped my tooth brush on top of her. The sound or sudden hand movement didn’t scare her in the least.In fact, she stood there looking up at me, a doggie smile on her face, her beautiful tail wagging.
I was relieved, Blondie was finally content and my life was moving forward. But my family still worried. It was not my financial situation that concerned them. It was the fact that I was already in my late 20s and still single.
“Why aren’t you dating anyone?” my Mom asked.  

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